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We help food vendors start their online store and sell F&B products in just 3 simple steps.

Apply today and get 1 hour free consultation with experts from our onboarding team as they help you to setup your personalized F&B store.


No transaction fee for the first month!

No transaction fee for the first month!

is handcrafted for...

Mom and Pop Brand who are finding it difficult to digitalise their business.

Gourmet businesses currently limited to social media but who don’t have expertise to build an online store.

F&B products which are existing on other e-commerce but are lost between 100 other competitors.

Brands which were limited to offline market, but due to pandemic want to create an online store.

Businesses that are driven by the sheer passion for creating food, but don’t hold expertise in online payments, GST and invoicing.

Home makers who are aspiring to start an F&B business, but were hesitant to kickstart due to lack of logistics and accounting expertise.

Tired of running your gourmet business in an Ad-hoc fashion?

You understand your gourmet product better than anyone, but must be pulling your hair out because of the hassles of going online with your business

You business maybe suffering from some pain points. Check and compare with the pain points of others.

Common Complaints Our customers had before joining hands with us!

If you feel, these are a few problems you resonate with, put a tick on it.

If you have put a tick against more than 2 boxes, we guarantee you will enjoy what we have to offer.

Why to build a dedicated online store?

In this competitive world dominated by smart technology, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it has become crucial for businesses to adopt new tech to improve their processes and competitiveness.
Are you still holding doubts about it?

Let us help you by exhibiting some compelling points.

To expand your business by building online arm of your business

To add a professional source to gather leads

To automate the backend of your business

To save resources and reduce human errors by automating the backend.

To list all your products seamlessly and improve your possibility to upsell.

To personalize communication with your audience.

To provide a hassle free delivery at your customer’s doorstep

To provide a sense of security related to payments to your customer

Learn how PalateMKT can help you

Setting up of PalateMKT is easy, effective and you can easily manage PalateMKT without any support.

That doesn’t mean that our support lines are not going to be available to you. You can call anytime.

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Kickstart Your Online Shop In 3 Simple Steps!

Your online store which has been optimized for both mobile and desktop

Step 1: SIGN UP
Easy signup through secured OTP. Enter Your Details - Name, Email, Store Name, Address

PalateMKT Zip

Logistical Support

Handholds you through the process of hassle-free delivery of your food and beverage items at your customers doorstep.

PalateMKT Books

Inventory Management

Avoid stock-outs and excess stock using our easy-to-use tool that provides an report to track and manage your inventory

PalateMKT Books

Easy Payments

Provide a sense of security to your customers by enabling easy to use and secure portal which is flexible to your customers preferred payment method.

PalateMKT Books

Automating invoicing with GST integration

Our automated invoicing systems not only help you save time and resource, but also help you integrating GST compliances and discounts.

PalateMKT 24*7 Promise


A toll-free 24*7 helpline number to cater to your customer's queries and inquiries and provide optimum solutions on your behalf.

PalateMKT Go-Online


Allows your to develop your own platform in one minute and showcase your brand in the best of light.

PalateMKT Quick Listing


Allows you to seamlessly list your products in 10-15 mins and improve your possibility to upsell.

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No Online Presence

No online branded page to build visibility and legitimacy.



PalateMKT Live

Set up your online marketplace in just three simple steps and personalise it the way you want. It’s as simple as that.

Handling logistics

Handling logistics and tracking each order can be a lot on the founders plate without experts

PalateMKT Zip

Make your life easier with delivery support from PalateMKT, from your online store to your customer’s homes.

Lack of Backend Expertise

Handling multiple leads from various social channel can be difficult.

PalateMKT Books

You have access to our state of the art inventory, accounting and payment systems to make your life easier with seamless backend operations.

What You Can Offer To Your Customer

Brand showcase portal

Personalizing your very own online store in 3 simple steps and showcase branded content like recipes, walkthrough videos, and brand journey.

Ease Of Payments

With a plethora of payment options to avail, we make sure all your customers transactions are seamless, with transparent and secure encryption systems that have your customers back all day long.

Zero Contact Delivery

It is of utmost importance to maintain social distance and follow the government’s guidelines to fight this pandemic. We make sure a hassle-free delivery prioritising your customer’s health over everything else.

Automating your backend

Reduce human error and resources by exposing your business to Invoicing, Payment and Inventory automation.

This Is Why We Do, What We Do.

From the founders of the Palate Fest, who understand your pains of not being online better than anyone else.


25,960 including tax
  • Logistical Support
  • Inventory Management
  • Easy Payments
  • Automating Invoicing with GST Integration
  • 24 x 7 Customer support
  • Marketplace Showcase Your Brand in the Best of Light


17,700 including tax
  • Logistical Support
  • Inventory Management
  • Easy Payments
  • Automating Invoicing with GST Integration
  • 24 x 7 Customer support
  • Marketplace Showcase Your Brand in the Best of Light

Frequently Asked Questions

You can sign up for PalateMKT in just 3 simple steps:

  1. Enter Your Details – Name, Email, Store Name, Address
  2. Choose Your Package – Gourmet Suppliers, Food Lovers
  3. Select Your Plan – Monthly, Annual

That’s all you need to do. Once you checkout based on your plan, your account is created and you get a shareable link to your storefront, which you can customise from your admin panel.


Your store is set up right as you create your Palate Mkt account. If you want to personalize it, or create and edit items, edit profile details and more, you can do so from the administrator panel of your account itself.

There are differences in features when it comes to each tier, which is based on who they are meant for:

Gourmet Providers & Suppliers: Palate Mkt is the perfect platform for you to showcase and sell your proprietary gourmet food products, whether you make your own or curate your store with the finest selection of items. With a state of the art e-commerce system, you will be able to personalise your store, add and manage SKUs, personalise their listings with attractive photographs, videos, descriptions and more.

Gourmet Food Influencers & Specialists: For all the food influencers and specialists out there, this is the opportunity to get the most out of your Instagram life. With Palate Mkt, you can create your own personalised online store and add existing food products from the suppliers as well as get a commission from the sale. Not only that, you also get social media perks such as shareable affiliate links for Instagram tagging and more.

No, a Gourmet Food Influencer / Specialist cannot fix their own price on items. This is to ensure all the consumers on Palate Mkt have a consistent experience through and through. While food influencers would be unable to fix their own prices, they would get a commission on the products sold through their online store and the affiliate links for social media.

PalateMKT Live gives you a fast and easy setup experience for your online marketplace, and access to personalization tools at your disposal, so you can make your digital store look just the way you want it to be.

PalateMKT Zip gives you access to state of the art logistics system, in partnership with (Brand Name). Now manage your deliveries, pickups, returns, exchanges right from the comfort of the platform. For an initial period though, the delivery of goods would be the responsibility of the food businesses who have registered on the platform using their own verified logistic providers. Palate Mkt Zip will be introduced for all our customers at a later date which they would be notified of through our official correspondence.

PalateMKT Books is a state of the art automated accounting and payment system created specifically for PalateMKT. You get access to all your orders, invoices, transaction histories, and several payment options to choose from, so convenience is always at your doorstep.

You can edit your store’s name, banner image, post images and videos on the feed, as well as create live streaming links for your patrons to view.

Since Palate Mkt deals with food products, which can be subject to spoilage, each of the products listed on the platform would carry a return policy. You can add a return policy based on the types of requirements right as you are adding the product to your online store.

All you need to set up your PalateMKT store are as follows:

  1. Enter Your Details – Name, Email, Store Name, Address
  2. Choose Your Package – Gourmet Suppliers, Food Lovers
  3. Select Your Plan – Monthly, Annual

Food Products have the potential to harm the health of the consumers, and therefore are required to adhere to a number of licenses and permits. Depending on the type of business, you will need one or more from the following permits and licenses:

FSSAI / Food License An FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) license is essential to ensure the highest standards of consumer safety. The required certification is of two types:

FSSAI Basic Registration License

This is required for small food businesses, having an annual turnover of upto Rs. 12 lakh. The tenure of this license varies from 1-5 years.

FSSAI Registration State License

This is required for medium food businesses, having an annual turnover of Rs. 12 lakh to up to Rs. 20 crores. The tenure of this license varies from 1-5 years.

Stores and Establishment Registration Since food businesses deal in the sale of goods, registration under VAT is compulsory. If you also provide a service such as delivery of goods, you will also require a Service Tax registration. Documents such as PAN Card are also mandatory while registering on the platform.

The following requirements are mandatory for every product type you wish to list on your PalateMKT:

  • The license should be in the name of the company or the business owner.
  • The license should be valid for a period of over 2 months at the time of registration.
  • The ‘scope’ of the license should include all food products and categories that you intend to sell on PalateMKT.
  • The FSSAI License Number should be displayed on your PalateMKT Storefront.
  • List of SKUs / products that you are going to sell, their shelf life, storage temperature, whether the products are imported or not.
  • Images used for the product listings should be as per the Image Requirements.
  • Valid Purchase Invoice (for Food Influencers / Specialists).

In order to continue selling your food products on PalateMKT, the following requirements must be met:

  • Order Defect Rate: < 3%
  • Pre-fulfillment Cancel Rate: < 4%
  • Late Shipment Rate: < 5%

All food products must be properly packaged, sealed and labeled.

The delivery package must include two copies of the invoice, one inside the sealed package, and the other on the outside of the package to ensure transparency and reliability.

The food products must comply with the minimum shelf life requirement of 30% or more when a customer receives the product from any e-commerce platform, according to FSSAI regulations, 2011.

If any of your questions are yet unanswered, you can reach to us any time and we will get back to you